WineHive Wine Storage Beautifully Showcases Wine

Wine storage that gives us a buzz

Nature can elevate and inspire, even in the most functional household items.

Take the humble honeycomb. Industrial designer John Paulick modeled his sustainable wine-storage system, WineHive–newly available for order ($65 and up, based on sizing)–after the honeycomb's open, repetitive shape.

The basic WineHive, made from recycled aluminum sourced from within 50 miles of Paulick's home base of Philadelphia, stores five bottles. But thanks to slide-in joints, the WineHive can be expanded infinitely without tools or confusing instruction manuals. Paulick designed the ingenious, intuitive product to grow along with your wine collection.

The WineHive fits any size bottles (although magnums and the like should be stored in the top slots). The sleek, minimalist structure can be placed on a countertop or floor, and can be built as wide or as high as your space permits.

Plus, not only is the WineHive crafted from recycled materials, but the Hive itself can be recycled when you're done with it.

So what started in nature can end there, too.