G.e.b. Restaurant's Inspired Chicken Dinner | Chicago

A new spin on chicken and green beans

Winner, winner: We've found your next great chicken dinner.

Chef Jacob Saben of Chicago's recently opened G.e.b. did us the favor of simplifying one of the restaurant's most popular opening dishes (see the recipe). At G.e.b., the dish is deceptively listed on the menu as "chicken + buttermilk + tarragon." You might never guess from that description how light, inspired and completely delicious this chicken is.

The chicken breasts are seared to crisp the skin–which you can certainly remove after cooking, if you're so inclined. When the bird is well browned, the skillet is transferred to the oven, then the moist chicken is basted ever so slightly with a pat of fragrant thyme butter.

Saben's accompanying green-bean salad is gently creamy with yogurt and has a hint of refreshing lemon; Saben recommends adding thinly sliced radishes for texture and extra nutrients, should you have them handy.

We love the simplicity: In just 25 minutes, dinner is done.

Feeling like chicken tonight yet?