Muffaletta Sandwich In Salad Form

The muffuletta sandwich, in salad form

Cue the daily lunchtime conundrum: Your conscience whispers "salad," but your stomach screams "sandwich."

Satisfy both your inner deli-goer and your moral compass by making Restaurant R'evolution chefs John Folse and Rick Tramonto's muffuletta salad (see the recipe), an embodiment of the kinds of fresh, inspired dishes you'll read about in Good Taste. This bold interpretation of the classic New Orleans sub honors the spirit of the iconic muffuletta sandwich, even as it strips it of the Sicilian-style sesame bread that bears the same name.

Folse and Tramonto's pared-down version pairs salami, mortadella and prosciutto with arugula, roasted bell peppers and provolone. Ni├žoise and green Cerignola olives nod to the marinated olive salad that traditionally dresses each muffuletta sandwich, and a smattering of ciabatta croutons adds depth and crunch. The dressing? A simple red wine vinaigrette that keeps the dish snappy and crisp for warm-weather dining.

Sure, this clever salad is a veritable cured-meat manifesto. But it is also so filling and refreshing, you may start eating it for lunch and find yourself finishing it off for dinner.