Tasting Table's April 2012 Dinner Party

The new season's growing grass, budding trees and even the pollen overload have us springing into the kitchen.

Our April dinner party features an herb-driven menu that debuts at the bar. Green Chartreuse, white rum and fresh lime juice fashion an appropriately verdant cocktail. Fantastic alone, it's even better sipped alongside dishes that highlight freshly snipped spring herbs. (For another beverage option be sure to also visit our Facebook page for our exclusive tarragon spritzer.)

Continue with a variety of small bites: smoked trout, dill-and-pickled shallot-deviled eggs ; a hearty artichoke salad punctuated by parsley leaves and crisp pancetta; thin strips of garlicky marinated chicken threaded on skewers and grilled and flanked by chive-mint yogurt for one-handed dipping.

End the meal with sugar tea cookies infused with fuchsia-tinged rooibos tea from South Africa. The robust, floral leaves are finely chopped and mixed into both the dough and the finishing sugar for a double dose of enticing sweetness.

So gather your friends and take advantage of the season's easygoing spirit.

Crispy Artichokes with Parsley and Pancetta are served on a shallow oval platter.

Marinated Chicken Skewers are presented on a bamboo serving tray.

The Final Say fits the easygoing vibe and verdant color scheme.

Pots of wheatgrass and jars of herbs set the tone for the herb-driven menu.

Tea Cookies with Rooibos Sugar alongside a bamboo sugar-and-creamer set.