Tasting Table's December Menu

The month of December is predisposed to revelry, and our holiday menu provides a polished backdrop for your next party, whether you're ringing in the new or toasting old friends.

In fact, the menu sounded so good that we decided to throw our own party for few lucky Tasting Table employees and Test Kitchen staff members–all captured by photographer William Hereford in our extended online slideshow.

Raise glasses of kumquat sparklers while dipping sea-salt toasts into our crab-crème-fraîche dip. Teeming with lump crabmeat and scented with lemon zest, this luxe starter pairs seamlessly with the tart, effervescent cocktail.

Sides of airy blue-cheese soufflés and olive-oil-braised broccoli rabe herald the main course: a standing rib roast, sliced tableside and served with brandied-mushroom sauce

Linger for dessert over slices of cognac-glazed gingerbread cake. Tinged with spice and laced with fresh ginger, this is an adult take on a holiday classic.

Each dish is plenty celebratory as is, but 'tis the season for indulgence, so we've included a few optional upgrades for an especially exuberant meal. From caviar to edible gold leaf, choose one or all for a distinctive feast that matches the spirit of the season, whatever the celebration might be.

For information on where to find the products pictured in our slideshow, check out our sources page.

Our holiday table is set, and you're invited. (Photo: William Hereford)

The Golden Hour cocktail. (Photo: William Hereford)

Crab-crème-fraîche dip. (Photo: William Hereford)

Cocktail hour. (Photo: William Hereford)

Blue cheese soufflés ready to be served. (Photo: William Hereford)

Standing rib roast with black truffles. (Photo: William Hereford)

Braised broccoli rabe. (Photo: William Hereford)

The full spread. (Photo: William Hereford)

Gingerbread cake with Cognac glaze. (Photo: William Hereford)

Coffee and cake to end the night. (Photo: William Hereford)