How To Outfit Your Smart Kitchen

Upgrade Your Kitchen With Breville Smart Appliances

No mater how much you love to cook, a busy schedule can take the fun out of making breakfast, lunch and dinner. In lieu of hiring your own sous-chef or dining out daily, today's smart appliances can cut down the work involved in creating an amazing meal. When it comes to tech that's in tune with what home cooks actually want, Breville is leading the way. 

Whether you want to make an authentic wood-fired style pizza in 2 minutes, or a consistently great cup of coffee, Breville's latest smart appliances belong in your kitchen.  


The Smart Oven® Pizzaiolo

There's a reason why pizza pros spend up to $25,000 on an oven: The heat. Home ovens just can't reach the ideal temp of 750° F that produces pizzas that have a soft, airy and crisp crust. The Smart Oven® Pizzaiolo can — in just two minutes. The first domestic countertop oven to hit that magic 750° F, the Pizzaiolo builds upon Element iQ® technology (which uses algorithms to automatically steer power to where it's needed) used in Breville's critically-acclaimed Smart Oven® line. The patented heating technology also ensures that toppings aren't burnt, while the 7 pre-sets cover every pizza situation from frozen to New York-style, pan to thin and crispy. However, it's so well-insulated that you can rest your hands atop the Pizzaiolo without fear of burning yourself in the process.


The Combi Wave™ 3-in-1

A convection oven, microwave and air fryer in one sleek and compact package, the Combi Wave™ 3-in-1 is the ultimate space-saver. Like the Pizzaiolo, the Element iQ® technology saves you from adjusting power settings by automatically creating the ideal cooking environment. The 4th generation Power Smoothing™ Inverter ensures that that the microwave function operates incredibly quietly and that microwaved foods are cooked, reheated and defrosted evenly throughout. (If you need even more quiet, there's also a mute function.) 19 built-in smart presets take all the guesswork out of cooking. Choose "Fast Combi" for pre-programmed or custom combinations of cooking techniques (microwave, oven, grill) to achieve the best results faster than a traditional microwave, opt for "From Frozen" to cook chicken, meat or fish from frozen with the perfect flavor and texture (it alternates between microwave, convection and grill cooking), or go with "Air Fry" for guilt-free fries and other snacks made crispy through a combination of higher temperature and maximized air flow.


The Smart Grinder™ Pro

You already know that an excellent cup of coffee starts with freshly-ground beans. But what you might not know is that consistency matters. An uneven grind won't release all the flavors in even the best beans. When taste matters, the Smart Grinder Pro wins. The programmable conical burr grinder has 60 unique settings, all controlled with a concise and easy-to-navigate LCD screen. You'll be able to customize the setting, grind time and number of shots/cups, but if that's too much, there's always the pre-programmed settings. Want to get even more technical? The Smart Grinder's precision digital time means you can adjust and program grind time in .2 second increments for the perfect dose of coffee every time. You'll also enjoy the ability to grind directly into a portafilter, an air-tight container, a gold-tone filter basket or a humble paper filter for added convenience.


The Precision Brewer® Glass

With its stainless steel and glass construction, Breville's sleek coffee maker makes an eye-catching addition to your countertop — and the coffee it makes is eye-opening. Precise digital temperature control and 6 unique brewing modes (Gold Cup Standard, fast, strong, iced, cold brew and my brew) consistently create excellent cups of coffee. While most are self-explanatory, the unique settings stand out: "Gold Cup Standard" mode automatically adjusts the water temperature and brew time to meet the standards set by the Specialty Coffee Association, while "My Brew" mode lets you customize the perfect cup by adjusting bloom time, flow rate and brewing temp.


The Super Q™ Blender

Finally, a commercial grade blender that's actually designed for the home kitchen. With a powerful motor, personal blender attachment and noise suppression technology, the Super Q Blender delivers advanced texture optimization for smoother and softer textures. In other words: you'll get a beautiful blend rather than a surprising mush. 

The Super Q comes with an additional blade system to mix food and drinks directly into a personal blender cup. So you can have your drinks on the go and blend smaller amounts of food into a small vessel. It features an intelligent base that automatically recognizes the vessel and optimizes performance, whether you use the 68oz jug or the personal blending on the go cup.