Where To Go In Europe For Labor Day 2019

It's not too late to jazz up the end of your summer

With just a few weeks of summer left to go, dreams of one more vacation, please might seem like exactly that—dreams. But you're just a quick overnight flight away from Europe, and thanks to a rise in low-cost airlines, it's easier than ever to hop across the pond for a late-summer getaway.


Paris is always the answer, especially this time of year. Most of the locals have traded in the city for southern beaches, making it prime time to benefit from all the city has to offer. Empty museums, late-summer sales and sunny picnics in the park await.

Where to Stay: Hotel Corona Opéra, located in Paris's chic and centrally located 9th arrondissement

Where to Eat & Drink: Vantre, Le Saint-Sébastien, Barav, Academie de la Biere



Getting to Reykjavik is relatively cheap, but drinking and dining out in the city can be pretty pricey. Keep costs down by prepping your own breakfast and saving room in the budget for evening ventures. Luckily, the natural (and free) scenery is really the star of the show.

Where to Stay: Metropolitan Hotel, located in the heart of downtown Reykjavik

Where to Eat & Drink: Artson Cocktail Bar, Kol, Kröst


Take advantage of any affordable flight you can find, and lean into an Amsterdam layover if need be. Grab simple meals early in the day, hit the wine bars below and take in plenty of pub pints—to keep things economical, of course.

Where to Stay: Duchy House, located near the River Thames (walking distance to major tourist attractions)

Where to Eat & Drink: Noble Rot, Sager + Wilde, The Laughing Heart


Milan may just be the best deal of them all. You'll get serious bang for your buck in this gorgeous northern Italian city for flights, food and hotels. Hit the major sites, tour the Duomo and take advantage of all the pastries, pasta and pizza you can handle.

Where to Stay: King Mokinba, located in the city's Zone 1

Where to Eat & Drink: Enoteca Naturale, Ciotto, Champagne Socialist