Tasting Table "Cooking With Friends" Entertaining Cookbook 2019

Order it now and get ready for a summer of revelrous modern dinner parties

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There are a few ways you might go about hosting a dinner party. You could go the potluck route and run the risk of having 10 casseroles and no dessert, or call in a pricey takeout order that will probably show up in need of a microwave. And, of course, you could cook everything yourself—but waking up at dawn to martyr yourself in the kitchen all day is a less-than-thrilling prospect. 

We're here to suggest a fourth—and better—way to go about feeding a crowd. Introducing our first cookbook, Cooking with Friendswhich hits shelves on May 7. It puts the fun back into entertaining by way of 12 menus inspired by the way we live today and designed to be made with a few gracious co-hosts who arrive early to be your sous chefs.

Each menu includes a cocktail, appetizer, main course, sides, dessert and wine pairing ideas, for a total of 80 recipes that you'll find yourself turning to even on nights when you're the only mouth to feed. We even give you game plans to help divvy up the dishes and guide the process, so you don't end up with your hands full of un-roasted roast chicken at 7:28 p.m. for a 7:30 dinner. 

When you preorder now, you can then enter for a chance to win a $5,000 Williams-Sonoma gift card, and receive a free copy of our digital bonus menu. Let's cook something together. Then all that's left to do is recruit your friends, set the table and cook something together. So go get the book