Best Spring Wines To Drink 2019

Pairs well with 65-degree days, sunglasses and that new grass smell

The arrival of March can only mean one thing—spring is just around the corner. Well, it could also mean surprise snowstorm in the last week of the month, but we won't talk about that. Wine lovers are gearing up for warmer days, ready to trade in full-bodied reds for crisp, zesty whites and thirst-quenching rosés. Here are some of our favorite wines for early spring drinking.


In the world of sparkling wine, pétillant-naturels, more commonly referred to as pét-nats, are the OGs. Unlike the méthode traditionelle and charmat methods, which require wines to undergo a secondary fermentation in bottle or tank, these fun, fizzy bottles are produced after one fermentation. Still-fermenting wines are bottled prior to completion, trapping residual carbon dioxide in the bottle. This slight carbonation creates light frothy bubbles, usually coupled with minimal amounts of residual sugar. It's a lower-alcohol option that's food-friendly and fruit-forward—otherwise known as the perfect accompaniment to outdoor weekend brunches and picnics in the park.

Light-Bodied Reds

Winter has come and gone, but red wine can stay. Swap out heavier bottles for lighter-bodied styles—varietal Gamay, especially from Beaujolais, is always a good idea. Bottles from the Loire Valley—think Cabernet Franc, Pineau d'Aunis, Grolleau—are excellent choices, as are the Trousseau- and Poulsard-based wines of the Jura. When in doubt, you can't go wrong with Pinot Noir. Just serve all of the above slightly chilled.

Full-Bodied Rosés

Year-round rosé consumption is a habit worth celebrating, but there's something extra special about cracking open your first warm-weather bottle of pink. Contrary to popular belief, lighter-bodied rosés aren't any better or drier than their darker-hued siblings. Many darker rosés, including the world-renowned bottlings of Tavel, are completely dry and full of complex, earth-driven flavors. These bottles also make for some of the most versatile food pairings out there. We recommend easing your way into #RoséAllDay season with a couple of bottles of darker-pigmented options, especially if food is going to be involved.