Camino De Santiago: Hostal Dos Reis Catolicos

It's 500 years old, was once a hospital & is the definition of 'sick'

For hikers, the Camino de Santiago is the holy grail. Otherwise known as 'The Way of Saint James,' this famous path welcomes thousands of people annually, each in search of spiritual growth and renewal. By night, trekkers post up in local hostels and affordable lodging throughout the city. But when you reach the final 'sleeping city,' the 'illest' accommodation around is right in the center of it all.

The Hotel de Parador de Santiago de Compostela, a luxury 5-star hotel, is located right next to the famous Catedral de Santiago de Compostela—but it wasn't always this elegant. Originally constructed in 1499, the now-sophisticated hotel, also known as the Hostal dos Reis Catolicos, was once a hospital. It offered care, treatment and a place of relaxation for exhausted pilgrims ('peregrinos') on the brink of finishing their journey, all free of charge.


Though the cost of the situation has certainly changed, today, the hotel offers a perfect blend of tradition and modernism, depicted in its art, layout and historical artifacts. The building's four cloisters offer six spacious suites and 122 bedrooms, all equipped with TVs, WiFi and minibars. The hotel also has multiple reception halls and a luxury dining area, that features an array of local Galician recipes.

Hotel guests are encouraged to explore all that the area has to offer, including the Costa da Morte and Finisterre, as well as the many quaint fishing villages and sailing towns that pepper the region's coastline. The Hotel Santiago de Compostela is just nine miles from the airport and less than two miles from the train station. And, as if you needed yet another reason to be convinced that a stay here is worth it—Queen Letizia of Spain has her own preferred suite here. This historically rich hotel is truly fit for royalty.