Best Coffee Cities In America 2019

Hint: It's not Seattle

Some people choose to live in a city for its convenience. Others make their decisions by how affordable a place is. And then there are those who settle down somewhere based on how much coffee is there for the taking.

If you're among that (admittedly small) last cohort, Apartment Guide's latest report might be of use to you: the 10 best cities in America for true coffee lovers. On a coffee business per resident basis, Berkeley, California takes gold, with one shop for every 2,073 residents. Second place goes to Vancouver, Washington, with San Francisco clocking in at third. 

Despite Seattle's assumed prominence in the caffeine domain, it landed merely at number four. Joining Seattle are other Pacific Northwest locations including Everett, Washington and Portland, Oregon, so grab your reusable coffee mug and hit the road for a coffee-fueled road trip.

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