Best Eco-Friendly Paint: Farrow & Ball

Farrow & Ball's unique colors bring the walls of any room to life

With all the decisions, options and commitment it entails, painting a room can be an overwhelming process. But if you go with the right paint company, it doesn't have to be that way—it can even be enjoyable.

When we set out to choose paint colors for The Commons by Tasting Table, the experts at Farrow & Ball made it easy. They're an eco-friendly, England-born company that blends various pigments for rich, layered colors. And since they use only the best ingredients for their paints and follow traditional methods, you can bring your walls to life in a way you feel good about.

Photo credit: Farrow & Ball

Each of the 132 colors on offer has been crafted with intention, whether it's a lively red or a muted pastel. For our new event space, we went with a subtle pale green that lets the electric-blue couch and lush, leafy plants stand out. And in the kitchen, light cream walls help reflect the abundant natural light to create an inviting cooking experience.