Woken Coffee Compostable Espresso Machine Pods

If you're going to do some good for the environment, you might as well get coffee out of it

With the recent news that the world could be in complete shambles by 2040, you can definitely stand to do play a role in slowing the environment's demise—and that doesn't just mean breaking up with plastic straws.

Even better when that act of goodwill can simply mean drinking a quality cup of coffee, which is exactly the case with Woken Coffee. Their 100-percent compostable espresso pods can be used in your home machine for a morning cup that rivals anything you'd find in a coffee shop, whether you go for the rich, dark Lungo or the aromatic Arabica.

You can find everything you need online, whether you're looking to support a mild coffee interest or to completely outfit your office and home with recurring monthly caffeine deliveries.