Pizza Museum In NYC

Yes, the price of admission also includes a slice

These days, museums aren't so much places to learn as they are sites to snap a selfie and dive into a pool of sprinkles, with the latest being the Museum of Pizza, an "experiential pizza adventure" popping up in NYC this fall.

According to Nameless Network—the company behind the experience—highlights will include a pizza art gallery, a cheese cave, a pizza beach (what that exactly means has yet to be revealed), plus various film screenings. And based off the "kind of sexual" trailer and images that have been released so far, the promise of "unique immersive installations" have us all intrigued.

"Pizza is more than a food—it's a cultural phenomenon that transcends geography and language," Kareem Rahma, the museum's CEO, says. The pop-up will be open from October 13 to 28, and before you ask, yes, each $35 ticket will thankfully come with a cheesy slice. 

This article was originally published on May 1, 2018, and was updated with further information on September 25, 2018.