Steak Cooking Tips From Andrew Zimmern

Andrew Zimmern shares his tip for the most delicious steak

When it comes to eating a delicious, juicy steak, chef, food writer and host of Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern, Andrew Zimmern says most people aren't enjoying it at the proper temperature.

One would assume you should immediately cut into a steak hot off the grill; however, Zimmern says he prefers to enjoy it at room temperature or cool. "When the meat rests and starts to get cool, all of that fat goes back into the muscles and becomes much more tender," he tells Business Insider.

To grill the perfect steak, Zimmern recommends taking it off the grill 45 minutes before serving to allow it to rest and come to room temperature. With the right seasonings—a little sea salt and olive oil—you might have just found your new favorite way to eat steak.