How To Rent An Island In Belize For $495

For when you're serious about getting away from it all

If the state of the world has you thinking about disappearing to a place where no one can reach you, consider this: For $495 a night, you can rent your own island in Placencia, Belize. The island, surrounded by a coral reef, is 20 minutes by boat from anything other than water.

Unless you plan to fish, you will need to bring food to cook. "Bird Island is a self-catering scenario so plan to bring enough meats, vegetable, drinks (and liquor) for your stay. The island however, does have a very well-stocked kitchen with a myriad of condiments such as cake mixes, flour, rice, spices, oils, paper towels, garbage bags, etc.," the Airbnb host says.

There's a three-night-stay minimum and a few open slots left in 2017. Just don't forget the sunblock.