Best Food Podcasts 2018

Tune out the world with these culinary conversations

The podcast field has grown vastly in recent years, giving us a diverse (and overwhelming) amount of shows to choose from. And since you can't give every show a test listen, we've compiled a list with a title for every foodie. Whether you're trying to keep up with the latest food news or have always been curious about the history of avocados, we've got a podcast for you.

① The Sporkful

Recommended First Listen: "No Murder, Yes Pork Chops"

This James Beard Award-winning podcast investigates food as a way to learn more about people. Host Dan Pashman balances being both thought-provoking and entertaining, with topics ranging from the cultural stereotypes behind MSG to the most efficient way to eat a chicken wing. 

② The Kitchen Sisters Present 

Recommended First Listen: "The Mardi Gras Indians – Stories from New Orleans"

Need something to drown out the sounds of your neighbor's guitar lessons? This in-depth listen transports you into an entirely different world—producers Davia Nelson and Nikki Silva investigate how communities form and come together through food. Zone out to stories about the dangerous history of eggs during the Gold Rush and learn how kimchi first got to space. 

Phlavor Profiles

Recommended First Listen: "Michael Leelin, Leelin Bakery CFO"

Filipino food has been gaining recognition in the culinary world, but if you're still unfamiliar with the Pacific Island cuisine, have a listen to this podcast, in which host Karen Higgins talks with innovative Filipino restaurateurs. 

④ Special Sauce with Ed Levine 

Recommended First Listen: "Phil Rosenthal Is Anthony Bourdain, Except Afraid of Everything"

Listen to Serious Eats founder Ed Levine and guests including chefs, restaurateurs and even non-food folk as they discuss the intersection of food and life.   

⑤ Gastropod

Recommended First Listen: "Ripe of Global Domination: The Story of the Avocado"

Hosts Cynthia Graber and Nicola Twilley like to say they view food through "the lens of science and history" as they share the secret history of your favorite foods. 

The Katchup 

Recommended First Listen: "Why Women Are 'Ruining Food'"

Tune in to this weekly round up for any food news you might have missed. From the latest lab-made meat to discussions about gender norms in the food world, this Foodbeast production holds intelligent conversations on everything happening in the culinary landscape.

⑦ A Taste of the Past

Recommend First Listen: "Big Chicken, History of How Antibodies Changed Modern Agriculture" 

Ever wonder who was the first person to try cow's milk? Or, what exactly is in fish sauce? Culinary historian Linda Pelaccio narrates this binge-worthy series focusing on the origins of the food we eat today. 

⑧ Gravy

Recommended First Listen: "Hostesses of the Movement"

After listening to episodes about hurricane refugees and hog-farming woes, you'll realize Southern food isn't all traditional biscuits and gravy (both literally and figuratively). Produced by the Southern Foodway Alliance, Gravy focuses on telling the untold culinary tales of the American South. 

⑨ The Splendid Table

Recommended First Listen: "The Opposite of Locavore"

Before podcasts were cool, this show was churning out episodes for nearly 20 years. Acclaimed food writer Francis Lam now serves as host, telling stories varying from food's role in socioeconomic issues to leading culinary destinations to essential ingredients to have in your kitchen.