New Merriam-Webster Dictionary Words 2018

So are guac, marg and more food-related words

Hangry (adj.): "Irritable or angry because of hunger." Pairs well with zoodles (n., "A long, thin strip of zucchini that resembles a string or narrow ribbon of pasta") and guac (n., "guacamole").

This isn't an excerpt from a millennial food subreddit: They're just a few of the 840-plus new entries Merriam-Webster added to the dictionary. Of these, many of them are food related. Gochujang, mise en place, hophead, zoodles and marg are now an official part of the English language.

"The tendency to use abbreviated forms in casual speech and writing is well documented in this release of new words," the announcement says, which is the long way of saying "abbrevs r in." Now, if you can't be bothered to ask your server for guacamole and a margarita, you can request "guac and a marg" and have it be grammatically correct.