You Can Get Paid To Eat Barbecue

The job search ends here

If you seek out the best barbecue wherever you travel and grill at home like it's your job, you can now turn that hobby into an actual job. Reynolds Wrap just announced that they're looking for a "CGO" (Chief Grilling Officer), otherwise known as the ideal C-Suite position.

The company stated in a press release that they're "looking for a truly passionate grilling enthusiast to lead the way across the country and discover hidden grilling gems." You'll get a $10,000 stiped, lodging for two and the chance to try restaurants all over the country. You have until August 13 to volunteer as tribute, which is as simple as sending in a grilling photo and a 100 plug for why you'd rock the CGO position.

It's not the first time a brand has crowdsourced (bribed?) for a job. Nutella is actively hiring taste-testers, Extra Crispy sought out a "Bacon Critic" a couple years ago and Entemann's is about to announce their first "Chief Donut Officer."

The only downside? It's only a two-week gig, proving nothing lasts forever.