Soma Portable Coffee Brew Mug

No outlets, no problem

Waking up is hard; coffee should be easy. That's why, for the first time, water filtration company Soma is applying its expertise to the next best thing you can make with water: coffee (OK, and tea).

With the new 12-ounce Brew Bottle, you can make pour-over coffee, cold brew and loose-leaf tea no matter where you are—whether you're about to drive to the beach, staying in a hotel or just sitting on your couch, too lazy to go to a coffee shop.

To make your drink, just pour hot water over coffee grounds (or tea leaves), pop the lid on and get on with your day. At $40, it pays for itself in about a week, not to mention it cuts down on waste—especially in the middle of plastic straw armageddon—and is dishwasher safe.