Best Mexican Street Corn Recipes (Elotes)

Just in case you get all cobbed out

Though they have all the usual suspects of Mexican street corn recipes (corn, mayo, cotija cheese, lime, chili powder), these ones take the flavor combination off the cob and onto your plate—so you can enjoy it any way you want.


Take things to a different level by bringing avocado and red bell pepper into the mix, or keep to tradition with this recipe, which is essentially Mexican street corn sans cob. 


This casserole is to street corn what deep-dish is to pizza. Just stir everything together (including untraditional but highly welcome Parmesan cheese) and bake for a one-pot party trick.

Pasta Salad

Bow tie pasta is all dressed up and ready to go when you cover it with a chili-lime dressing, cilantro and crumbled cheese. Plus, bacon and avocado, because why not. 


Isn't everything better when you bake it on a pizza crust? To complete the summer theme, go the grilled pizza route. 


Otherwise known as: how to win everyone's hearts with a big dish of hot, cheesy corn dip.


Gazpacho isn't the only summer soup that deserves the spotlight. This one has a sweet corn base and is flavored with lime juice, cotija, chili powder and cilantro. 

In a Cup

If you'd rather consume your Mexican street corn with a spoon, go the esquites route with this recipe from Kitchen Gidget.