Portable Disposable Grill

Did we mention it's 100 percent biodegradable?

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Come summer, Americans are sufficiently consumed by the concept of slinging food on an open fire. And why not? The ritual of lighting up the grill is perhaps the best excuse to bring people together. For many folks across the country, that means decamping to their backyard, or, when a personal patch of grass is inapplicable and the hunger is real, schlepping a portable cooker to a public park or similar.

Though there are plenty of worthwhile portable grills on the market, none may be more compelling than the disposable CasusGrill. The grill, built out of cardboard and bamboo, is made to be taken with you to wherever there are hungry mouths and thrown away afterward, for a highly feasible $13. No wonder it won a Danish Design Award last year.

Intended to be an eco-friendly alternative to the throwaway aluminum grills popular across Europe, the Danish-designed CasusGrill is 100 percent sustainable and biodegradable. It has a heavy-duty cardboard body, while the grill rack and accompanying charcoal briquettes are made out of bamboo. So if anyone is worried about leaving a trace (and we all should be), know you can pack this grill with good conscience.


As for firing it up, a simple lighter will do the trick. The grill is insulated with lava stone, which the company claims not only keeps the outside of the grill cool, but also allows the grill to reach up to 600 degrees in less than five minutes with no open flames. Once lit, it provides an hour of cooking time, whether it's a hot dogs for a spontaneous picnic or a fresh catch on a backwater fishing trip.

When it's all said and done, you toss it. Cleanup complete, simple as that.

The CasusGrill is currently available an Huckberry, and you are well advised to stock up.