Best Reusable Straws 2018

For when you're not quite ready to drink Starbucks out of a sippy cup

For the past few weeks, I've been in a Catch-22: The plastic straw as we know it is on its last leg—an objectively good victory for the environment. The catch? For me, a beverage isn't complete unless there's a straw leisurely bobbing above its surface.

The truth is, straws are pretty useful: They save the lazy drinker from having to lift a glass to his lips, are the essential tool for fishing out that cocktail cherry and, more importantly, give us all something to fiddle with during a particularly awkward date. (And while we support Starbucks' latest move, drinking a Frappuccino out of a sippy cup might take some getting used to.) So what's a straw-loving imbiber to do? 

Thankfully, non-plastic options have evolved quickly over the years, especially from those flimsy paper sticks that turn soggy within minutes. From metal sippers to bamboo alternatives, here are the five best reusable straws.


Copper Straws ($18 for four)

Each straw in this four-pack comes with a different engraving; for every purchase, United by Blue, a conservation-focused clothing brand, will clean up one pound of waste from the world's waterways. 

Photo: Nordstrom

Reusable Bent Drinking Straw Set ($21 for five)

These stainless-steel straws are rust, scratch and break resistant, meaning they'll quickly put an end to your straw-chewing habit during happy hour. 

Bamboo Straws ($14 for 10)

Handcrafted in Indonesia from local bamboo, these wooden drink accessories come in two sizes and benefit tribes in Bali.

Photo: Amazon

FinalStraw ($20)

You mean you don't carry your reusable straw with you wherever you go? Scheduled to ship later this year, FinalStraw is the collapsible, portable answer that you can clip onto your key chain. 

Glass Straws ($10 for eight)

Bent at the perfect angle and more elegant than any drink we'd ever use them for in the first place, these clear straws are made from extra-sturdy beaker glass. 

Photo: CB2