This Weekend NYC Events

Don't let your days off go to waste with these 7 events

This weekend might not officially be a holiday, but you can still keep that Fourth of July mojo going for as long as you can, thanks to events that permit you to mix booze and ice cream, stuff anything you want inside a ball of burrata cheese and load up on a do-it-yourself bowl of ramen. We might be in the middle of summer,  but the good times are just getting started. 

All Weekend

State Fair Meadowlands

If carnival food isn't the ultimate throwback, we don't know what is. With more than 150 rides and attractions, live entertainment, and, most important of all, more than 50 food vendors, this year's state fair in New Jersey gives you the chance to shove your face into a cloud of cotton candy while you watch a hypnotist, take a trip to the petting zoo and visit the circus.

Friday, July 6

Sunset on the Hudson

This Fridays-only waterfront experience invites local artists to perform and jump-start your weekend at Pier 45 in Greenwich Village. Pack a picnic and sprawl out for an evening of samba and a view of the sun going down over the Hudson River.


Saturday, July 7

Tipsy Scoop Boozy Ice Cream Class

The brand that combined liquor and ice cream is bringing you into the mix by showing you how to make your own infused ice cream at the Tipsy Scoop production facility. During this two-hour class, you'll combine your favorite spirits and ice cream, with the company's  founder and chief of operations as your teachers. At the end, you'll take home two pints of your own frozen boozy creation. Who knows? Maybe you'll discover a new calling. 

Japanese Ramen Class

After all those Seamless orders, you can finally put your ramen expertise to the test. In this class dedicated to your love for the soup, learn how to make both broth and noodles from scratch. Plus, you'll have your pick of add-ins including pork, chicken, shrimp, mushrooms and cilantro to ensure your bowl is full right up to the rim. 

Indonesian Food Bazaar

Leave some room in your weekend and stomach for satay and soto soup. This free afternoon-long event is bringing together vendors from around the country to share their best dishes with lovers of Indonesian cuisine and first-timers alike.

Infused Burrata Making at Murray's Cheese

Start (and never stop) this hands-on event with an unlimited wine and cheese tasting before gearing up to turn milk into soft, creamy and supple burrata worthy of an Instagram post. If you're feeling fancy, you have options to stuff the cheese with your choice of truffles, pesto and just about anything else.

Sunday, July 8

Mets Game

We won't tell anyone you're going for just the peanuts, Cracker Jacks and Mikkeller Brewing's 60 beer taps. In between bites and sips, you can catch the Mets as they face off against the Tampa Bay Rays.