Video: Best Margaritas In NYC For Summer

NYC restaurant Fonda knows its way around a seasonal drink

Behold the margarita, the "bet you can't have just one" cocktail whose salty, sweet and sour elements can beguile even the most seasoned drinkers. 

Leave it to Fonda, the beloved restaurant with three outposts throughout NYC, to serve the best—hands down. Owners Roberto Santibanez and Marco Diaz manage to be creative and fun while still sticking to tradition.

First up: the frozen margarita. Fonda throws shade on all other renditions with its slushy hibiscus margarita, infused with orange and lime, affectionately named the Rosalita. 

Once that one goes down, watch as five other refreshing and vibrant flavors are swished, mixed and poured in a boozy dance that goes well with chips and guac.

Todd Coleman is the creative director and editor-at-large for Tasting Table. Follow him on Instagram at @toddwcoleman.