Dripkit X Verve Coffee

Dripkit is a travel necessity for coffee lovers

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I out on the road regularly, mostly for work, and one thing I've learned is waking up in an unfamiliar place is that much harder when you depend on coffee. If I could settle for burnt, gritty sludge, I would. But my painfully excessive coffee habits have led me to a point of no return: Give me quality, or give me nothing.

In the past, I've found success with my trusty AeroPress, the wondrous travel coffee maker that uses manual pressure to brew rich single cups of coffee. But even that can be cumbersome, especially in tight spaces. Plus, cleanup is a hassle when you're on the move.

Recently, I've been traveling with Dripkit, which I cannot praise highly enough. It makes single-use cardboard pour-over devices that fit over coffee cups to allow users to make drip-style coffee anytime—no prep or extra equipment necessary. Think of it as instant coffee 2.0.

The kits—which contain grounds weighted out for a single cup—are flat-packed and packaged individually, and small enough to tote around, whether it's on a plane, at a campsite or in a hotel room. All you have to do is boil some water, rip open the pouch, fold the brewer over a mug and pour. Quick, easy and delicious.

If any of this piques your interest, now might be the best time to give the kit a trial run. The Brooklyn-based company just announced a new partnership with Verve Coffee, easily one of the most premiere coffee roasters in the country. The two companies launched a limited-run batch that includes an Ethiopian and Colombian blend.