Best Mail-Order Steak 2018

You like ostrich? Because we've got ostrich.

Soon, Americans across these here amber waves will partake in one of the country's great annual traditions: blowing things up and eating approximately all the grilled meats—preferably (and hopefully) not at the same time.

Because it's 2018, folks, there's no reason to be firing up anything less than the highest-quality meat. And what's more American than getting those high-quality meats delivered straight to your door? From the best beefy starter packs to where you can score filets of ostrich, these  are some of our favorite mail-order meat companies that'll help improve your grill game for the Fourth of July and beyond.

Porter Road

Founded in 2011, Porter Road sources all of its small-batch meat from pastures in Kentucky and Tennessee, then hand-cuts everything at its flagship outpost in Nashville. As far as meat purveyors go, the company is as transparent as all get-out, working directly with local farmers and dry-aging all of its beef for a minimum of 14 days for optimal flavor.

The company launched online sales earlier this year and hasn't looked back since. For those who don't know where to start, Porter Road offers a variety of meat-tastic bundles that include all the protein you need to throw a proper cookout (with helpful tips, should you need them). Looking for something that'll really impress your guests? A jumbo rack of lamb should do the trick.

Snake River Farms

One of the most respected beef and pork peddlers in the country, Snake River Farms specializes in Wagyu/Angus cross cattle raised along the Snake River in eastern Idaho. If that isn't enough, the farm also sells Kurobuta pork that comes from 100 percent purebred Berkshire hogs, a heritage breed famous for its intense flavor and well-marbled meat. So whatever you order, don't forget the pork chops.

Greensbury Market

Supported by a new partnership with New Jersey-based Rastelli Foods Group—one of the country's leading grass-fed beef wholesalers—Greensbury Market is on a mission to bring restaurant-quality meat to the masses. Nearly a decade in the game, Greensbury still remains among the best sources for everything from grass-fed New York strip steaks to wild-caught lobster, plus a wide range of bison if you're game.

Belcampo Meat Co.

Belcampo Meat Co. has grown over the past decade from humble restaurant and butchery to include seven locations in California. The company also hosts popular Meat Camps and family farm stays. Perhaps best known for its bacon and bone broth, Belcampo also offers everything from bone-in rib eye steaks to tri-tips, all sourced from Belcampo Farms in Northern California.

Fossil Farms

Attention all adventurous carnivores: If you're on the hunt for exotic meats, look no further than Fossil Farms, where you can get everything from kangaroo to alligator, all raised humanely and without the use of hormones. Other curious offerings include wild boar, goose and ostrich.