TSA Powder Rules For Carry-On

Think twice before bringing back that French sea salt

Just when you finally commit carry-on liquid and snack regulations to memory, the Transportation Security Administration adds another item to its list of threatening materials. 

Beginning June 30, TSA will be monitoring powders coming into the United States—including those spices you're bringing back from vacation. Limits on powdered materials amounting to 350 milliliters have been in place for domestic flights since last summer, but now international fliers will have to open up their carry-on bags for inspection as well.

This regulation will affect those traveling with spices, cosmetics or powdered foods, such as baby formula—if the TSA agents can't determine what your powder is, then they will confiscate it during your security screening. And beyond the possibility of having your precious Spanish paprika tossed, these additional inspections will lengthen wait times and lines at checkpoints, especially since most travelers are unaware of the new regulation.

Spokesperson Mike England tells The New York Times, "These measures are part of TSA's efforts to stay ahead of threats, keep passengers safe and constantly increase capabilities through a layered approach to security."