Journy Travel Planner

With Journy, you don't have to be a local to travel like one

The freshest uni you'll ever find, more street food options than you could eat in a lifetime and not an hour-long wait in sight? Sounds too good of a travel experience to be true, but it's not—if you know how to do it right.

No matter where you're traveling, Journy can take you straight to the good stuff. Try its personal travel planning services now with a summer discount exclusively for Tasting Table readers—take 20 percent off your request with code TT-SUMMER18. Here's how it works:

•  Complete a travel questionnaire so Journy's trip designers can learn more about you and what you like to do, see and eat when you travel.

• Your personal trip designer will reach out to start a conversation about your travel plans.

• You'll get a draft of your daily travel plan to review and be able to request changes.

• Your trip designer will book your hotels, activities and tours, and make your restaurant reservations.

• You'll take off worry free with everything you need for your trip in your iPhone app or in PDF form.

Do your summer travels right with Journy, so you can save your energy for the fun part—as in, the trip itself.

Please note that standard pricing applies to additional travelers and custom-city supplement fees. This offer cannot be combined with any other offers or used on previous purchases.