Alcoholic Push Pops - Buzz Pop Cocktails

At 15 percent ABV, they're not messing around

Sometimes you shouldn't have to choose between a frozen dessert or the need to get drunk. Enter: Buzz Pop Cocktails, the company that's giving Fred and Wilma the much-needed update we all deserve.

Unlike the other 21-and-over frozen treats we've been seeing this summer, you don't need to go through an entire box to feel the buzz—each tube of Italian sorbet miraculously comes in at an ABV of 15 percent, which Bustle notes is three times the ABV level of beer and one and half times that of your everyday glass of vino. Stock up  year-round; they're available in a rotating list of 75 flavors, including mango passion fruit, Moscow Mule, watermelon and lemon drop.

Sold at restaurants in the Las Vegas area, they can also be easily shipped to your door as an eight-pack* . . . for $99—at which point, you might as well just go to Vegas.

*At the time of publication, Buzz Pop's site was down, thanks to everyone who's trying to get drunk off a pop this summer.