Brightland Olive Oil

This new California-made olive oil belongs on your kitchen counter

It's a long-held assumption that the best olive oil comes from Europe, but that is not necessarily true.

The tides have turned over the past decade, thanks to producers in Northern and Central California who have made it their responsibility to offer pure, American-made olive oils as a more local alternative.

The latest comes from Aishwarya Iyer, who this week introduced Brightland, her (painstakingly stylish) label offering bespoke extra-virgin olive oil produced entirely on a single-estate California farm. The powder-coated bottles—designed by Charleston's Stitch Design Co.—might be pretty enough to warrant a purchase, but, as always, it's what's on the inside that counts. The launch includes a pair of custom blends: Awake, a nutty, heirloom Arbequina olive-based oil, ideal for pastas; and Alive, a blend of Arbequina and Arbosana olives optimal for vinaigrettes and raw vegetables.

Sold individually, as a two-pack or on a subscription basis, Brightland olive oils are now shipping nationwide.