Tasting Table Lobster Rumble 2018 Winners

They came, they clawed, they conquered

It was a clear, cool June evening; the BKX was buzzing with excitement; and a line of people were ready to go, stretchy pants on. It was time for the Tasting Table Lobster Rumble.

After tasting their way through more than 20 of America's best lobster rolls, both the TT editors and all the contestants were invited to cast their votes for who they wanted to win the esteemed buttery glory of our Fan Favorite and Editors' Choice awards. And the winners are . . . 

TT Fan Favorite: The Maine Lobster Lady

The people proved the power of democracy and brought us the first woman Lobster Rumble winner, whose Maine food truck is loved by many. Diana Santospago—the Lobster Lady in question—was there with her team, serving a quintessential Maine roll, complete with chilled white meat and a warm, toasted bun that Rumble-goers got to finish themselves with lemon aioli and lemon juice. It was an exciting, heartwarming celebration as they raised their golden claw of victory in the air.

Editors' Choice:  SaltBrick Tavern

The Downtown Brooklyn restaurant, which opened at the end of 2017, brought its A game for its debut Rumble appearance. The team's creative use of a cheddar-black popover instead of a standard roll won over the editors, and the colorful chive blossoms made for a delightful presentation. 

Congratulations and thank you to all our contestants, our sponsors and our charity partner, World Central Kitchen! And, of course, everyone who came to celebrate with us. We hope to see you at another event soon—check out our full events calendar here.