Macallan 72-Year-Old Whisky

Consider this the Bentley of the liquor world

Pretend for a second that the contents of your liquor cabinet are like a vintage car collection. Maybe you've got a hard-to-find tequila you don't mind taking out for a spin every now and again or a limited-edition gin you like to work on during the weekends. And then there's your Macallan 72-year-old single-malt whisky—the vintage Corvette, if you will, you'd rather leave on the bar shelf and stare at before you dare take it on a joyride. 

To be frank, car collecting might actually be a cheaper hobby: Macallan's latest announcement, a limited-edition spirit distilled shortly after World War II, ships in a crystal decanter attached to a mind-boggling $65,000 price tag. Just 600 of these collector's items will be released to the world in September, with the U.S. receiving 156 of them

According to Macallan, a deceptively light color unveils aromas of delicate peat, smoky oak and a body of "refreshing citrus lemons and green apples," leading to a taste of soft vanilla and a "surprising sweet oak smoke."

"The Macallan 72 Years Old is an incredibly rare single malt defined by years of dedication and craftsmanship," Nick Savage, Macallan's master distiller, says. "Although delicate throughout all aspects, it provides an intense experience which acknowledges the distinguished history of The Macallan."