Best Canned Rosé Wine: WineSociety

Whether it still counts as a single serving is up to you

Chugging rosé straight from the bottle? Something we've all thought about at one point but still haven't had the courage to try in a public setting. So while we're getting over our fears, we'll just turn to the next best thing: WineSociety's gigantic canned rosé.

According to Refinery29, the modern cans are produced in California, and each holds 500 milliliters—or roughly four glasses' worth—of the pink wine described as having a "beautiful duality of fruit balanced with a fresh crispness." The producer also makes canned red and white wines.

The best part is you don't even have to run down to the liquor store—WineSociety ships the oversize cans straight to your door in a nine-pack case. (There's even a Founders Club Subscription, which will deliver this party pack each month.)