Chili Crisp Sauce From Fly By Jing

Start making room in your pantry

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You may swear by your Dijon mustard, hot Sriracha and Duke's Mayo, but the true MVP of my pantry? A jar of Spicy Chili Crisps—an oily mix of gently numbing peppers, fried onions and a healthy wallop of MSG. It's a condiment that knows no limits as to when and where it can be used, whether it be topping a plate of fried eggs or upgrading mediocre takeout into something I'm a little too proud to eat. 

But now, this jack-of-all-trades hot sauce with a devoted following is getting an upgrade, thanks to founder of Fly by Jing Jenny Gao, who's launching her own high-end version via Kickstarter.

"Sichuan is one of the greatest and most misunderstood cuisines in the world. Through our sauces we are aiming to unlock its legendary canon of taste and bring it to the world," she notes.

Fly by Jing's Sichuan Chili Crisp is the first one you'll be able to buy that's 100 percent natural, relying on a complex blend of mushrooms, seaweeds and spices (sans synthetic seasonings) that took Gao two years to formulate. According to GrubStreet, if this first Kickstarter goes well she also has plans to bring a whole range of other products you'll need to make room for: a Zhong Dumpling Sauce, Mala Spice Mix and a spicy XO Sauce. 

And while Sichuan Chili Crisp's roots lie in Chengdu, just don't be surprised when you start drizzling it on your pizza slices, sandwiching it into quesadillas or just sneaking it by the spoonful (or maybe that's just me).