Best Indoor Meat Smoker: KitchenQue

There's only one way to find out

In the world of BBQ cookery, no skill presents more of a challenge than smoking foods. Forget mastery, the fundamental problems are twofold: Not only does a traditional outdoor smoker require ample outdoor space, it also requires a major commitment in both time and money.

Sure, it's easy enough to jerry-rig any old charcoal grill into a makeshift smoker, but that involves arranging the coals in a certain way, soaking wood chips, placing a pan of water under the grate and other questionable directives you can ignore if you've been blessed (or cursed!) with a type A personality. 

If you're looking to achieve rich, smoky flavor with less guesswork, you'll want to take a look at the new KitchenCue Stovetop Smoker. It's a new offering developed by Charcoal Companion, a grilling supply company perhaps best known for its Himalayan salt plates and slash-and-serve meat claws. The KitchenQue can do most everything that dedicated backyard smokers can do—granted you're not a decorated pitmaster—but indoors and at a fraction of the price.

The first thing to know about this nifty little rig is that it joins the ever-growing segment of wood pellet grills, which have quickly become the go-to for amateur cooks for their versatility and ease of use. The KitchenQue works best with its own superfine smoking wood that comes in hickory, mesquite, cherry or apple. 

Meanwhile, the steel base unit makes the smoker compatible with all types of stovetops, while the raised cover gives you enough room for a whole chicken. Add in the ability to reach 400 degrees (readable by way of a built-in thermometer), and you've got an indoor smoker that's powerful enough to cook and smoke brisket. 

The price for being able to achieve smoky goodness indoors all-year round? A mere $85.

We'll be expecting an invite to your next indoor cookout.