How To Make Egg-In-A-Hole With Leftover Pizza

Thick and bready Sicilian-style pizza does double duty

It's easy to grab a slice of last night's pizza from the fridge and eat it cold. Maybe you even stand there with the door still open.

However, we argue that it's worth it to not only warm it up the right way (for maximum crispness and the meltiest cheese) but also to add a perfectly cooked egg for a "well-balanced" breakfast. Don't just #putaneggonit; put an egg in it.

Since Sicilian-style pizza is so thick and bread-like, cutting out a circle in the middle to make an egg-in-a-hole is a natural next step. Plus, with the egg-in-a-nest method, you end up with a perfect cheesy pizza circle to mop up all that runny yolk. Put down the sad, cold slice. This is your future.

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