'My Little Pony' Cocktails At Grand Army

Edible glitter, toy ponies and expertly crafted drinks

Home to some of the best bars in the world, New York is an alluring city to visit if you're a cocktail enthusiast. And a large, constantly evolving piece of that culture is located in Brooklyn—where you'll find a few of the city's best bar programs. 

Currently, if you were to head over to Grand Army in Boerum Hill, you would find a warm, comforting neighborhood space with excellent bites and an impressive cocktail list inspired by the children's show My Little Pony. That last part may leave you a bit confused, curious and potentially nostalgic, but they're all common reactions customers are having in response to this unique, glitter-filled and refreshingly fun menu gracing the city. 

Since the bar's opening, the team at Grand Army had their sights set on My Little Pony-themed cocktails. "We like to play to the season and also really enjoy contrasting themes, flavors and styles. . . . It seemed only fitting that after Brothers Grimm Fairy Tales, My Little Pony was in line," bar director Kevin Baird says. "All of the ponies are rather colorful, so matching names to cocktails was something of a layup."  

The Leafy Green cocktail.

Although these cocktails are meant to be fun, take one sip and you'll be wondering how something so lighthearted can also be so impressively complex. One of the shining stars of this menu is the Sunshower Raindrops, a tropical, bergamot-filled take on the gin and tonic (pro tip: Ask for the toy pony garnish). Another cocktail to try that's soon hitting the menu is the Leafy Green—a smoky elixir made from Haitian rum and mesquite-smoked white whiskey that's rounded out with mint and lemon. If you prefer your cocktails more spirits forward, the Wind Rider, a dry and citrusy riff on a Manhattan won't let you down.

So how long will these beauties be around? "We will likely keep this menu on through the summer and continue to develop it using my arsenal of names that have yet to be used," Baird says. ". . . It's fun for the guests it's fun for the team."

Words from the wise—get your "pony on" sooner rather than later. 

Tyler is a freelance lifestyle writer with a passion for cocktails and spirits. He loves mixing cocktails for the "Gram" and drinking mescal and whiskey neat. Follow him on Instagram at @bon_vivantito.