Gender Neutral Beer From Threes Brewing

This is a beer you'll feel really good about drinking

Some wait for the announcement of the next (and somewhat-unnecessary) food museum, while others hold their breath each time Halo Top reveals its newest flavor. As for us? We're patiently waiting for when Threes Brewing in Brooklyn rereleases its Gender Neutral beer.

First introduced last year, the playfully named brew is a light, pale lager made from pilsner malt, a floral varietal of hops from New Zealand known as Wakatu and lemon zest. The beer's name is in honor of its mission (well, the one aside from being just a great-tasting lager), with 10 percent of its sales to go toward the Anti-Violence Project, an NYC-based nonprofit that provides LGBTQ communities dealing with violence ongoing support.

"We are an ambitious and well-intentioned but small company that is trying to use our platform to make a difference about serious issues that we care deeply about," cofounder Josh Stylman says. "Many of those themes broadly center around human rights. . . As such, we figured we could try to do some good by creating some awareness around it, while having some fun with the name."

The beer will make its return at a launch party on June 3 at Threes Brewing's taproom in Gowanus in honor of Brooklyn Pride Week.