Trader Joe's Secrets & New Products Podcast

The popular grocery store just released a podcast series

Despite being just a grocery store, Trader Joe's always seems to generate more questions than it answers. Why are bananas always 19 cents? What makes the mandarin orange chicken taste so good? How many Hawaiian shirts does one Trader Joe's crew member even own?

The grocery chain itself is answering all those questions with its new podcast, Inside Trader Joe's. In one episode, you'll learn all about the Tasting Panel that gets the final say about what goes on the shelves and learn about how the products are created. In another, you'll meet the woman who writes the Fearless Flyer, who calls it "a cross between MAD magazine and Consumer Reports."

Throughout, crew members and executives alike will share their personal go-to TJ's products, should you be in need of a grocery list shake-up. And about those Hawaiian shirts: One person approximates his stock at 40.