Boxed Whiskey, Tequila & Vodka From Black Box

It's time to give boxed booze a second chance

We wouldn't blame you if the words boxed booze trigger PTSD from college-era hangovers, bag slaps and overly ambitious drinking games. We would, however, ask you to give the black sheep of the liquor world a second chance, especially now that some of your favorite spirits also come in convenient cardboard packages.

Black Box, the wine company known for its award-winning boxed vintages (yes, there is such a thing), recently released a line of boxed whiskey, tequila and vodka. According to Liquor, the company has put the same amount of quality and effort into these spirits as it did its wine, so you can expect something a little better than the handles you'd find on the bottom shelf.

Each 1.75-liter box is both shatterproof and portable, with the vodka retailing for $23 and the tequila and whiskey for $25. As of now, the boxes are being sold in only a few states: Colorado, Louisiana, Missouri, New Jersey, Nevada and Pennsylvania.