Free Coffee In L.A.

It equals out to just 7 cents per cup

Wait in line at a chain coffee shop drive-thru. Grab a paper cup displaying your name spelled wrong. Spend another hour sitting on the freeway.

While it's a ritual Southern Californians know all too well, L.A. coffee shop Jane Q is trying to make that daily routine just a little bit more bearable. Starting this week, members of the café's "mug club" can fork over $25 for a customized mug with their initials, with the added perk of a year's worth of free Lamill drip coffee. (Latte and specialty drink fans have to pay only an extra $3 for an upgrade each morning.)  

As you make your daily visits, don't look over the new breakfast menu, which includes bread pudding French toast with roast apples and maple syrup, a fried chicken and sourdough waffle with caramelized bananas, and a ham, egg and cheese-stuffed calzone. Oh, and remember to call your office to tell coworkers you had to take a "morning meeting."