Avocado Museum In San Diego

Welcome to the most California thing to have ever happened

The first step to becoming a true Californian? Have a love for avocados so intense you'd even open a museum dedicated to the fruit. 

That's exactly what sisters Anne Buehner and Mary Carr are doing with The CADO, a pop-up experience that will open in San Diego this summer. Made up of 16 shipping containers fused into a 6,700-square-foot space, it's a celebration of the state's favorite fruit.

Unlike the Museum of Ice Cream or the Egg House, we can't say you'll be able to jump into a pool of the starring food, though Delish reports that the interactive exhibit will include something called the Ripe Room (an area with textured walls similar to a perfectly ripe avocado), a 100-foot-long hallway ombréd to match the flesh of the fruit and a selfie room in honor of the avocado's health benefits. A gift shop will sell tote bags and pins alongside bites from local restaurants, and you can bet there will be plenty of avocado toasts to take pictures of.

And while The CADO (which doesn't open until June 16) will run all the way until August, it's best to get your tickets now. As the site puts it, they're going faster than "your avocado goes from almost ripe to overripe."