Best Cast-Iron Dutch Oven, FINEX

FINEX's new pot is a straight-from-the-box family heirloom

Like that dusty photo album, a trusty Dutch oven is a treasure that gets passed down from generation to generation. But say you have a grandmother who never discovered the joy of owning one—or was a bit too selfish to pass hers on to you (hey, we don't blame her). That's where FINEX's version, which looks—and performs—like a family heirloom right out of the box, comes in.

Just like its standard skillets, FINEX's deep-sided pot is as luxurious to use as it is to look at: The surface finished with flaxseed oil feels more slippery than cast-iron should, the heavy-bottomed base holds onto (and distributes) heat more efficiently and a pair of steel-coil handles cool off long before you forget to put your oven mitts back on. It's pointed rim isn't just a superficial design detail either; each point doubles as a pour spout.

"From braised chicken to baked bread to roast beef, there are some meals best suited for an old-fashioned Dutch oven, and we wanted to create that for our customers with the premium handcrafted functional design FINEX products are prized for," cofounder Ron Khormaei says.

Just be aware though that this Rolls-Royce of cookware will cost you: The five-quart model, which went on sale this week, retails for $300.