Are You Allowed To Bring Food In Your Carry-On?

Reason number one to sign up for pre-check

If you've traveled anytime within the past few months, you've noticed that the TSA is keeping an eye out for yet another item in your suitcase: your supply of carry-on snacks.

So while you're busy untying shoelaces and unpacking laptops, you now might also be asked to reveal any stowaway trail mix or candy bars you were planning to take onto the plane. According to the Los Angeles Times, it's in response to passengers cramming too many things into their luggage to avoid checked-bag fees, not because the TSA views a bag of Cheetos as a security threat. Though, the TSA itself claims that the new procedure is just a way for its screeners to get a clearer view of your luggage in the X-ray machine.

"This is not required, but also helps X-ray operators get a clearer view of the contents of the bag and speeds up the screening process," the agency says in a press release. 

Whatever the real reason is, if there's ever been a time to sign up for pre-check, it's now.