Where To Get Wagyu Beef

It took first place in Japan's 'Wagyu Olympics'

Dive deeper into the juicy, fat-streaked world of Wagyu beef, and you'll find an even more prized and rarer (pun intended) variety: Sanuki, or olive Wagyu.

Bred on a single island in Japan's Kagawa prefecture, the 2,200 cattle used for Sanuki Wagyu (of which only a few are harvested each year) are fed a diet of olives left over from olive oil production that have been toasted and dried to sweeten the fruit and temper their bitterness. The resulting beef is renowned for a "powerful umami flavor" while being marbled with the same healthy monounsaturated fat you'd find in olive oil.

And though only a handful of restaurants in the States—let alone dining rooms in Japan—have been able to get their hands on the treasured cuts, it's never been possible to take home a Sanuki rib eye for yourself—until now. Crowd Cow, an online beef retailer, is selling a limited quantity of the nearly impossible to find beef later this month. Existing customers will get first dibs on the steak on April 16 at 9 a.m. PDT; whatever doesn't get swooped up will be open to everyone else to fight over the day after.