'Stranger Things' Universal Studios

You won't have to be forcibly dragged into a swimming pool to make your way into the Upside Down anymore. Universal Studios has announced it's bringing the alternate dimension to life this year at its Hollywood and Orlando parks for Halloween Horror Nights.

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According to a press release from NBC Universal, the experience is being planned with the help of the show's creators, the Duffer Brothers, with scenes including Hawkins National Laboratory, the Byers' living room (decorated with flashing Christmas lights) and a forest filled with oozing trees and floating spores. Fans will also have the chance to "brave the Upside Down and confront the supernatural" via mazes inspired by the show's first season, complete with a "predatory Demogorgon" that will stalk guests as they walk through other notable scenes. (No word just yet whether Barb will be making an appearance.)

Though the Netflix-themed Halloween event doesn't start until September 14, we won't judge if you start breaking out the frozen waffles and Eleven costume in advance.