Egg House Pop-Up In NYC

If you thought the ice cream museum was fun, just wait until you see this

Maybe you didn't have a sweet tooth big enough to fully enjoy the sprinkle-coated adventure that was the Museum of Ice Cream. Enter (literally): Egg House, an interactive pop-up that started welcoming visitors through its front doors this past weekend in NYC.   

Dedicated to the world's "universal love of eggs," the temporary art exhibition asks you to imagine yourself as an everyday egg with "a normal life as someone in the Lower East Side would." In this case, it means living in a kitchen filled with breakfast-themed artwork and having a hallway of vending machines that leads to a pool (because all New Yorkers have one) filled with egg-shaped balls. 

The 3,300-square-foot experience isn't limited to just your eyes either, with elements that incorporate sound, smell and (since you were probably wondering) taste. Soho's Egg Shop will be on-site providing a menu of some of its greatest hits, as will ice cream parlor Eggloo, which specializes in Hong Kong-style egg waffle cones. There will also be complimentary afternoon samples of eggnog, plus a gift shop for various "eggcessories." The Egg House will also host events, too, including a literal Breakfast Club, chef's seminars and morning yoga sessions.

". . . It's universal," Egg House's founder (who is choosing to remain anonymous) says of the theme. "It can be seen in almost every cuisine. Although each culture interprets it differently, it's so versatile that everyone can relate to. That's why we included the egg in different shapes and forms—it creates a familiarity."

Tickets are on sale now, with the museum having plans to stay open through June 27. In the meantime, scroll through to see what you can expect.

This article was originally published on 3/27/2018 and was updated on 4/9/2018.

The foyer.

The hallway.

The Egg House's pool.

The kitchen. 

Entering the indoor garden.

Looking into the secret bedroom.