Corpse Reviver $250 Cocktail At Addison

Addison in San Diego is upping its Corpse Reviver

For $250, you could take a hot-air balloon ride near Chicago, fly round-trip from New York to Iceland or buy a month's worth of lunches. Or, you could down a single mixed drink.

Earlier this year, Rafael Sanchez—wine director and cocktail savant at Addison, San Diego's most prized tasting menu experience—introduced the Corpse Reviver XIII, a riff on the classic cocktail of the same name that he upgrades with top-tier booze.

"We simply wanted to offer something special and truly luxurious on the cocktail front," Sanchez explains. This is how he decided to use Addison's annual two-bottle allocation of Adrien Camut's Rareté, a spirit even more limited in distribution than the Pappy Van Winkle family of cultishly sought-after bottles. Only around 10 bottles of the 75-year-old calvados make it to the U.S. every year.

Sanchez combines the prized Rareté with 40-year-aged Rémy Martin Louis XIII cognac and Mancino Vecchio vermouth. The drink is served up in a chilled, stemmed spirits glass, dusted with edible gold, of course. Two bottles supplies enough raw material for 36 cocktails, and currently, 26 are left since the pricey potation premiered in January.

Kat Odell, a freelance food and travel writer, is the author of Day Drinking. Follow her on Instagram at @kat_odell.