Best Chef's Knife On Kickstarter

The Achilles promises to be the most comfortable blade you've ever held

The visually striking Achilles knife isn't trying to make its mark as a statement piece or the latest two-in-one gadget that moonlights as a pasta measure. Instead, the German-designed blade, whose Kickstarter campaign launched just this week, promises to be the most comfortable piece of cutlery you've ever held.

In place of a conventional handle, you'll find a hole placed directly at the knife's point of balance, giving you both even pressure distribution and a place for your thumb and index finger to pinch the hilt. It's an award-winning detail that provides a steady grip even when the knife, which is forged from a single piece of stainless steel, gets wet.

"In developing Achilles, we played around with several designs, talked with several professional chefs and collected their feedback," CEO Adnan Nazish says. "The result was the idea of creating a knife completely out of metal, no wood or rough textures that allow bacteria to grow, with high durability and a very premium look and feel." 

The Achilles is available to back on Kickstarter starting now for $60, with an anticipated shipping date of September 2018. A serrated bread knife and smaller paring knife with the same signature hole will soon follow.